Private Mentorship & Life Coaching

This is more than just basic mentorship & Life coaching. From an esoteric perspective I work people from all walks of life. I teach them how to Live and NOT just exist, and assist them in bringing balance to life not only Physically, but also Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Energetically.

Every student is contacted for a consultation with the instructor to determine the best personal plan and place to start with the students sessions.  

Variety of Sessions offered: 

*Personal Growth & Development 

*Self Empowerment 

*Self Actualization 

*Health & Wellness 

*Herbal remedies

*Reiki Basics

*Tantra Basics

*Kemetic Science 

*Aura meditation
*Guided Meditations
*Chakra Meditations 

      -Solar circuit 

*Breathing Techniques

The meditation sessions are also designed to help individuals gain knowledge of self, find the divine within, and learn esoteric knowledge of the chakras. These lessons are about opening, strengthening, activating the chakras.  These lessons are based upon the level of the person seeking them, meaning everyone is taught from the level they are on. Meaning if you have no idea what a chakra is or how to meditate that’s ok we begin from there or if you already understand the seven basic chakras that’s great I got some awesome things to teach you and show you. This is also why the consultation must be done to determine the students current level. 

*** These lessons can be done from the comfort of your own home because they are Virtual (Video Call) Lessons. 

*** These lessons are Virtual, 1 on 1, and very flexible to fit your schedule.

4 virtual lessons per month/ 1 hour / 1x a week.

If you wish to continue Monthly Private sessions after one month, you will be sent and invoice via email to purchase another month to continue your lessons. Billing is from month to month which allows flexibility and affordability for everyone. You will never be billed automatically.

*** Once enrolled we will work out a schedule that works best for you and dates and times can be be adjusted to fit your schedule.

Spots are very limited and will fill up quickly. 


Private Mentorship & Life Coaching

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

(4) 1 hour Private Lessons